Passing a Torch to Our Future

The West Point Community Foundation was organized November 25, 1991.

The purpose is to offer a prospective donor a dignified and effective way to invest in the future of the area in
which he or she made his or her livelihood, and with a maximum of tax savings to the donor or his or her estate.

The Foundation is a wholly non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska with
perpetual existence.  It is recognized as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service having a
501(c) (3) status.

The Foundation is able to make grants in the fields of health, education, civic improvement, recreation and social
welfare for the benefits of the West Point area.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors who are chosen because of their administrative abilities and
their wide knowledge of community needs.
The Foundation’s Purpose

The funds which the West Point Community Foundation
uses to fill the needs of the community in the broad areas
of health, education, civic improvement, recreation and
social welfare come from contributions from living
persons and from bequests made by civic-minded
persons in their wills.

Both the contributions and the bequests may be made in
any amount, large or small, and may be made in cash or
property.  All are tax deductible.

A contributor, or a testator making a bequest may give the
Board of Directions such direction as he or she desires
regarding the charitable purpose to which he or she
wishes to have the cash or property applied.  Or they may
simply make the contribution or bequest to the
Foundation without any strings, thus allowing the Board
of Directors a free hand in filling the needs of the West
Point area.

If the contributor or bequest sets up a fund and allows the
Board of Directors to expend the income therefrom for a
charitable purpose, it is especially desirable that, at
some future time, the Board be given the discretion as to
the charitable purpose, to eliminate the risk of
contributing to an out-dated cause.

A contributor may make the gift in his or her own name or
as a memorial or even remain anonymous if he or she
prefers. All bequests are, of course, treated as
2016 Scholarship Applications
Due March 15, 2016

Scholarship application forms available through the
Foundation are included in this website under the
Services Tab. Please inform graduating seniors of this
opportunity.  All forms and letters may be duplicated.  
Please remind your students that all applications must
be filled out completely and instructions followed.
Incomplete applications or instructions not followed will
result in the application not being considered.

Each scholarship applicant needs to complete the
application packet (checklist provided) including the three
references and mail to:

Dave Knievel, 455 S Monitor, West Point, NE  68788

All applications with references must be received by
March 15, 2016.

Questions may be directed to any member of the
Scholarship Committee.

West Point Community Foundation Scholarship Committee

Dave Knievel 402-372-5741 (home) 402-372-4929 (work)        

Matt Jansen 402-372-4969 (home) 402-372-9119 (work)        

Kelly Kaup 402-380-9876 (cell) 402-385-4005 (work)

Dr. Shawn Kralik 402-372-9088 (home)  402-372-2418

Rick Wimer 402-372-2760 (home) 402-372-2139 (work)    
West Point Community Foundation
PO Box 65
West Point, NE 68788
West Point Community Foundation
Established Nov 25, 1991
West Point, Cuming County, Nebraska
2015-16 Foundation Officers, Committe Chairs and Directors

Jason Smith, President; Donna Graybeal, Vice President; Christy Steffen, Secretary; Cleo Toelle, Treasurer and Finance Committee

Dave Knieve
l, Scholarship Chair;  Greg Strehle, Marketing/Promotional Chair;  

Mike Bailey; Steven Blocher; Kari Haase; Matt Jansen; Kelly Kaup; Dr. Shawn Kralik;  Willis Mahannah; Steve Paus; Wendy Ridder;
DJ Weddle; Rick Wimer; David Wimmer.